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  • Preferred seat
    Passengers flying in SAS Go within Europe or to/from the US or Asia can book the most attractive seats onboard for a fee. Aisle, window, bulkhead or exit row? Choose your favorite!
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    Pre-book the best seats on board in SAS Go when traveling within Europe or to/from the US or Asia!

    • You can reserve a preferred seat at the time of booking when you buy 
      your flight online, through your travel agent or up to 22 hours before departure.
      Book preferred seat

    • Choose from window or aisle seats in SAS Go as well as bulkhead & exit rows.

    • EuroBonus Gold and Diamond members can book the best seats free of charge.

    Scandinavia Europe  USA & Asia
    Price €5-9
    Extra leg room:
    €55 / $59

    Preferred seat (forward part of the Go cabin): €38 / $40

    €28 / $29

    Middle seat:
    €11 / $12
    Prices are per segment & valid only on SAS-operated flights.

    Terms and conditions for preferred seat
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  • Extra seat
    If you require an extra seat for comfort or medical reasons, reserve an extra seat next to yours.
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    - Reservations can be made when you book with a travel agent or
    SAS Customer Contact Center.

    - Prices
    SAS Go
    : Lowest available fare in your booked service class excluding taxes and fees
    SAS Plus: €130 (domestic)/€180 (Scandinavia/Europe)

    - When you book an extra seat:
    • Check in at the airport instead of online.
    • Your extra seat cannot be used for extra baggage.
  Contact SAS Customer Contact Center
  • If you haven't used preferred seat
    SAS Go passengers can choose a seat online or by mobile starting 22 hours before departure free of charge. You can also use the self-service kiosks at the airport.

Please note! Seat reservations are subject to change without prior notice. Should we be forced to change your seat we will do our best to offer you a similar alternative. For example, if you have chosen an aisle seat, we will do our best to give you a similar aisle seat.

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